Hi! My name is Akhilaa Lakshminathan. Welcome to my website. I am a first year student at the University at North Carolina at Chapel Hill, doing a double major in both Media and Journalism, on the PR Track, and Music, with a focus in Popular Music.

I am a singer, songwriter, producer, music teacher, writer, and all around creative. I released my debut EP in April of 2020, and continue to create more music in anticipation of my next release.

I have always been interested in the inner workings of the music industry, from branding, marketing, advertising, and more. I also love to write! I have experience writing for beauty blogs, and I continually follow lifestyle bloggers and content creators. This is why I chose to study Public Relations in college. Combined with my music studies, I found a combination of fields that struck a chord with me.

I am most interested in internships that have to do with music labels snd streaming services, artist development, the creative music-making process, etc. I am also open to any internships in the entertainment or beauty industry that concern product development, branding, marketing, advertising, and content creation.